Here.We.Go – Making changes – It’s a mind game


It took me over a year to get my act in gear and commit to the challenges I promised to undertake one month ago. Proof that not only does change not happen overnight, preparing to make that change can be even more time consuming. I’m sure you’ve all heard the 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…and that goes for pretty much anything in the world. Thus, I had to prepare to change.

Change – How

There isn’t one technique for executing an alteration in your life. Personal goals can be fulfilled through various paths. However, one aspect does remain consistent across the board; it’s a mind game. Expect your head to mess with you. Our brains are incredibly powerful and our ability to think beyond the scope of basic necessities is how we are different from the remainder of the animal kingdom. This is the main hurdle to overcome and was my “step 1”.

So what did I do?

The oceans in Maine range from 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit (10-18 degrees Celsius). The only way to get into the ocean is to take action. Turning around won’t help, nor will standing there complaining. Do it quickly or do it slowly, but you must ACT. You want to make a difference? Make the first move, forward, towards your goal.

Make a decision to move

Get out of bed, get to the gym, write the first word of a book, make the first cold call, don’t be stagnant. I once heard the great Jocko Willink say that every second you sit and contemplate what your next move is, the battle field (be it war itself, the stock markets, a possible sale) is constantly changing. The information you first had to make a move is now different. You’re now behind.

For you

Do yourself a favour. Chose a goal you wished to accomplish for 2018 and make one move towards it. Follow that up by putting a second move in your calendar. Set reminders. Tell your friends your goal and be accountable. Example, and I’ll make this quick – amongst other goals, I had a fitness goal:

  1. I told a friend of mine who’s a trainer (Thanks Elly!). I explained what I wanted to do in a clear message. I wanted accountability, so I made the motion towards possible embarrassment if I didn’t show up. I also paid for her and the gym’s time up front…now if I don’t act, I waste money. Nobody likes wasting money.
  2. I told my best friend my goal. We set a date, some rules, and put $100 on the line. Accountability was in full effect.
  3. I put my neck out there and started a blog (Exhibit A). I told my friends what I was doing. Pretty easy to talk about yourself to someone, and that’s one hell of an easy first step.


Make the first move. Overcome the mind game and act. Add in a dose of accountability and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to crushing your next goal.

Thanks for reading, now go #getsome



Experiment 001 – Time to be the Guinea Pig

In 42 days (goes to double check his math) I will embark on my 3rd year as a DJ down in Mexico for American spring breaks. To sum up the weeks I’m down there, everything you think happens…happens. It’s a controlled debauchery where my “skills” are used to:

1. Make sure the music is top notch (small detail…I’m a DJ) and

2. Make sure these kids party safely.

My time in Mexico is a task in itself that proves to be quite difficult. Your body goes through hell as it discovers you are no longer in Canada, alcohol consumption has gone up, and sleep hours go drastically down. As you may guess, after even the first week we are quite burnt.

The past two years I have managed to scrape by and balance my other jobs back home; Financial Advisor and 2 event planning/marketing/management businesses. The added stress of limited internet and cell phone connectivity tends to boost my anxiety and stress levels run high. However, one thing is for sure, proper preparation prevents poor performance. This year I am taking it to the next level.

The Experiment – Let’s break it down. We are unable to optimally perform without our body and mind running in sync. They both must be healthy and poised for the added stresses. There are two ways to go about balancing such stresses

  1. Consume what my body craves. Go through a constant cycle of uppers and downers which may seem easier, but ultimately will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drugs, alcohol, energy drinks, lethargic food).
  2. Get in better shape both mentally and physically. Eat well, enjoy the odd drink, workout, and be prepared to take on the tasks at hand (everything in moderation, even moderation).

I chose the latter. So here it is, we prepare with following 3 goals:

  1. Body in better shape to handle limited hours of sleep and change in eating habits once down south.
  2. Optimize the running of my businesses from abroad.
  3. Let’s drop a little belly fat shall we? May as well toss that in there.


  1. Inspire those around me (What? You can’t work, go to school, and be healthy? Bullsh*t!)
  2. Challenge myself.
  3. I forgot how much I enjoy writing
  4. I actually want to lose this belly fat. I have this sick 3-piece suit from my brother’s wedding and need to fit in it again.
  5. Prove that by being a professional in your lines of work, no matter how they differ, it is possible to succeed.


So here it is, just over 40 days to optimize my body, my health, and my work, then carry it forward as an even healthier lifestyle. I never thought I’d say this, but welcome to my “Blog”.


**Next Post** More information on who, what, where, when, and how.